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The next mayor of Toronto!

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2023-11-29 11:56:52
The next psyop, distraction and attempt to discredit is the idea that viruses "don't exist" and "contagion is a myth" this is being propagated in desperation all over social media. And I ask every single lying scumbag the same question. If viruses don't exist. And contagion is a myth.... what is herpes. Why does it have distinct symptoms. How can it spread from person to person. And how can we test for it and even identity different strains in the blood? Watch how fast NOBODY ANSWERS THIS QUESTION. But they will SPAM many unrelated links! :D

Fuck you bitches
17.9K viewsChris Sky, 08:56
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-28 11:32:19
14.3K viewsChris Sky, 08:32
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-25 10:22:32
Another "conspiracy theory" "soy can't feminize males" ... oh really?
13.0K viewsChris Sky, 07:22
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-24 18:22:45
FBI CONFIRMS PIZZAGATE is real. Think of how much MONEY and MEDIA was used to "debunk" this "conspiracy theory" and now you know why I work directly with SAVING A CHILD because we cannot TRUST those in POWER.
23.0K viewsChris Sky, 15:22
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-24 11:17:50
5G Conspiracy Fact!
14.3K viewsChris Sky, 08:17
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-15 12:45:58
"The largest pro Israeli protest ever" what they didn't tell you is that they paid each person 250 to show up... and most likely are getting paid with your tax dollars!
13.6K viewsChris Sky, 09:45
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-06 14:58:17
I REALLY "upset" "them" by exposing one of their biggest lies. Take note: they also claim you can change somebody's gender through HUMAN INTERVENTION
So when we tell you they are PROGRAMMING YOUR CHILD TO LGBT we mean it
14.4K viewsChris Sky, 11:58
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-06 02:55:37
Zionist controlled Israel is not only a safe haven for pedophiles its where the entire LGBT agenda coming after your child comes from!
Addition * "Jewish law, or halacha, recognizes intersex and non-conforming gender identities in addition to male and female.[5][6] Rabbinical literature recognizes six different genders, defined according to the development and presentation of primary and secondary sex characteristics at birth and later in life.[7] Jewish literature describes what today would be referred to as intersex such as the concept of a Tumtum being a person of ambiguous gender and/or sex as is the concept of the androgynos, being a person characterized with elements of both sexes."
13.4K viewsChris Sky, 23:55
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-10-31 08:12:15 CDCs own data shows that property who took 5 doses of covid vaccine took an average 24 YEARS off their life expectancy!
13.7K viewsChris Sky, 05:12
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-10-30 16:52:31
Anybody else see this?
16.2K viewsChris Sky, 13:52
Buka / Bagaimana