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Patrick M. Byrne

Logo saluran telegram patrickmbyrne — Patrick M. Byrne
Logo saluran telegram patrickmbyrne — Patrick M. Byrne
Alamat saluran: @patrickmbyrne
Kategori: Politik
Bahasa: Bahasa Indonesia
Pelanggan: 62.10K
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Advocates constitutional republicanism for government, blockchain for institutions, and educational choice for human capital for my commentary, explanations, and insights.
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2023-11-23 01:39:33
13.3K views22:39
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-22 18:48:15 Regarding liver punch:

“We’re it not for holidays we’d be filing by Friday. It’s 99.9% done. Now have to put all exhibits together. It’s a process. Document is 99.9 done. It’s good.”
12.7K views15:48
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-17 15:28:02
We told you to stand strong and they would eventually buckle.

In a new, just administration, everyone this happened to will be financially compensated.
14.2K views12:28
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-15 17:02:14 Liver punch: I am proofreading it now.

Expect early next week. But maybe… This Friday.
12.6K views14:02
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-12 19:42:27
In the last three years Americans have experienced with elections what I experienced 2002–2005 as I came to understand Wall Street settlement. You ASSUMED it was kosher, you dig a little bit, and find… it’s all like this.
12.9K views16:42
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-09 18:33:42 Liver punch: final review Friday.
You can read Tuesday. Maybe Monday.

Hunter’s lawyer must be out of his mind.
13.8K views15:33
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-05 17:46:02 Keep an eye on this story. You will see that it intersects with mine.
16.9K views14:46
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-11-01 22:52:21 UPDATE ON LIVER PUNCH:

I predicted the Good Guys would deliver a liver-punch this week. Likely the hardest blow we have dealt them in three years.

I'm falling a bit behind and I doubt it will be ready for Friday. But we are hard at work reviewing and redlining the document...
13.2K views19:52
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-10-28 18:52:02
13.4K views15:52
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-10-25 14:47:36
13.9K views11:47
Buka / Bagaimana